Ариевич Семён Абрамович

[Рус] We have never met our great-grandfather (Semyon Ariyevich)- he passed away on March 28 of 1983. He was born on April 15, 1905 just before the Great Russian Revolution and the birth of the Soviet Union. He died just before the death of the Soviet Union. He lived through the most fascinating events in the history of humanity (see photos below). The Second World War was undoubtfully, the biggest challenge and the central piece of his life. He took up on the challenge, he fought hard and he won. He was a Hero. He made it possible for us to live and enjoy our lives. He was awarded with the Order of the Red Star (award order) and the Medal for Combat Merit (award order) for defending his homeland during the Second World War

We are very proud of you, dedushka Senya.

Ариевич Семён Абрамович Ариевич Семён Абрамович, Ариович Исаак Абрамович Ариевич Семён Абрамович Ариевич Семён Абрамович Ариевич Семён Абрамович, Ариевич Елизавета Семёновна Ариевич Семён Абрамович
Ариевич Семён Абрамович, Ариович Исаак Абрамович Ариевич Семён Абрамович

1917. Smolny, Petrograd. A Red Guard patrol protecting the cradle of the revolution. 1918. Moscow. V. Lenin on Red Square on the day of the first anniversary of October Revolution 1924. Lenin died. 1929. We are for the collective farm! Unanimously! 1933. Funerals of Klara Tsetkin
1934. The motherland gives an enthusiastic welcome to the Polar Cheluskin expedition crew. 1936. The most important decisions were made at the meetings of the Communist Party Committee. 1936. VIII syezd sovetov 1937. Moscow meets Hero Chkalov, who along with Alexander Belyakov and Georgiy Baidukov made the first flight from the Soviet Union to the United States across the North Pole. 1937. Papanin Expedition to the North Pole is back!

Second World War (1941-1945)
1941. The war started. Children are hiding from bombs dropped by fascists. Russian soldierd go to the battle fields straight from the Red Square parade Motherland is calling Husbands and fathers are going to war One of the Moscow streets in 1941
1941. German military went through this village Russian storm ashore 1942. Wounded children in blockaded Leningrad 23 million people (every 8-th citizen of the Former Soviet Union ) were killed by German Nazists during the war 1942. Talented Soviet scientists and engineers came up with a new weapon, Katusha. This weapon eventually helped Russians to win the war
In blockaded Leningrad children were dying from starvation Fight at the factory Russian tanks are protecting Leningrad A huge banner is asking Soviet soldiers to save children of Leningrad Leningrad did not have any water - only snow and ice
1942. When almost every man left to war, women took rifles too. 1943. Some people were lucky to return to their ruined homes There was only one road to Leningrad left. It was called The Road of Life. 1943. The heroism of Soviet people finaly paid off - Stalingrad was free This sculpture symbolized the Soviet Union's moto: all best - for children
1943. Break from war. 1943. Guns protecting Leningrad Military nurse is caring wounded soldier from the battlefield 1943. Soldiers are winning back their cities 1943. Soldiers are winning back their villages
1944. The Soviet Military freed Bulgaria from fascists. 1944 Captured fascists are shown to the civilians. Communist commander Shagin 1944. The Soviet Military finally broke off the blockade of Leningrad 1944. Residents of Leningrad are cleaning the streets or what's left of them
The conference at Yalta held in the Crimea on February 4-11, 1945 brought together the Big Three Allied leaders.  During this conference, Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt discussed Europe`s postwar reorganization 1945. Japan is signing capitulation treaty Russian military freed Checkoslovakia. Marshal Konev in Praga. Victory Parade in Moscow Russian soldiers are the winners.
Marshal Zhukov, the main brain of the Russian Military during Second World War is in Berlin Leftovers of Reichstag - brain center of fascism, responsible for more than 70 millions of killings Russians are giving out porridge to residents of Berlin - to the same people who openly approved and blindly obeyed Hitler Victory fireworks in Moscow Russian soldiers on Reichstag
Russian soldiers are greeting a German boy On July 17, 1945, the President of the United States of America, Harry S. Truman; the Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Generalissimo J. V. Stalin, and the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Winston S. Churchill met in Potsdam Nurenberg Trial of fascist criminals

After the war (1946-1992)
1953. Moscow State University is built 1953. Funerals of Stalin Yuriy Gagarin - the first human to travel into space Gagarin is back! 1992. The end of the Soviet Union